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EasiYo Low Fat Starter Pack - Yogurt Maker & 6 Sachets
EasiYo Low Fat Starter Pack | Yogurt Maker | 6 Sachets

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The EasiYo Low Fat Starter Pack contains everything you need to start making fresh, nutritious yogurt at home. We have included one of each sachet in the EasiYo Low Fat Range so you can try out the flavours. 

The EasiYo Low Fat Starter Pack Contains;
1 X EasiYo New Shape Red Yogurt Maker
1 X Yogurt Making / Storage Jar
1 X Low Fat Greek Yogurt
1 X Fat Free Natural Yogurt 
1 X Low Fat Natural Yogurt 
1 X Low Fat Sweet Strawberry
1 X Low Fat Sweet Vanilla
1 X Low Fat Sweet Mango

Why use EasiYo?

Fresh is best - What a lot of people don't know is that to gain the full benefits of yogurt, the cultures in it need to be LIVE. Yogurt cultures, once fermented, only last a matter of days, so freshly made yogurt is the only real way of ensuring you receive optimum benefits from yogurt. When you think about the chilled yogurts in your local supermarket, spare a thought for how many days or weeks they have been sitting inside those containers on that shelf and how many live cultures are still thereby the time you get to eat it. 

No artificial ingredients - With so many of today's foods containing preservatives and artificial ingredients
it's so nice to know that you can get something that is all natural for you and your family. EasiYo has no
artificial ingredients whatsoever, just as nature intended.

Homemade Satisfaction - Everything seems to taste better when you make it yourself, so just take five minutes 
from your busy day to create something real, natural and delicious.

So Simple to Make - All you have to do is mix your yogurt sachet with water, put it in the EasiYo Yogurt maker
and when you come back to it in a matter of hours, you have created 1kg of the freshest yogurt ever!

Delicious & Nutitious - EasiYo's delicious taste, smooth texture and healthy goodness will have you coming back
for more. EasiYo is packed full of live cultures including Acidophilus, in fact there are billions per spoonful which is
great for the body's digestion. 
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